Buddy Teacher System の紹介


本日は、当校の「Buddy Teacher System」をご紹介します。

当校では、「Buddy Teacher System」があります。Buddyとは相棒という意味でBuddy Teacherという担任の先生が生徒一人一人につきます。
Buddy Teacherは自分の生徒のレベルを常に把握し、生徒のレベルに合ったカリキュラムを組んでいきます。

やりたいことをBuddy Teacherに相談して、他の先生方にやり方を変えてもらうということも可能です。
「先生に自分のカリキュラムについて英語で相談する」ということもBuddy Teacherの良さであり、新鮮な経験にもなりますね!
Hello everyone! This is Shohei.
I am going to talk about Brilliant Cebu English Academy's "Buddy Teacher System".

Here, Buddy Teacher is attached to each student.
Buddy Teacher keeps track of the level of their students and builds a curriculum that matches the student's level.
Of course it is also possible to respond to requests such as "I like English conversation main", "I want to put weight on vocabulary and grammar", "I want to make pronunciation carefully" and so on.

You can talk to Buddy Teacher what you want to do and change other ways by other teachers.
"Talking to your teacher about your curriculum in English" is also a good thing of Buddy Teacher and it will be a fresh experience as well!
We also support from Japanese staff what you can not say directly in English.

Thank you😄


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